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If you have experienced unfair dismissal, workplace bullying, breach of contract or any other type of legal issue relating to your employment. Mahony’s Lawyers can assist you to investigate your legal options to uphold your workplace rights.

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Employment Law

If you have been dismissed from your employment work for what appear to be unfair or unlawful reasons, then it is important to seek legal advice immediately as there are time limits on being able to submit unfair dismissal claims.

We are experts in fighting for individuals’ workplace rights in all courts and tribunals including:

  • The South Australian Industrial Commission and Court
  • The South Australian Equal Opportunities Tribunal
  • The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
  • The Federal Court and Federal Magistrates Court
  • The District Court and Supreme Court of South Australia

Employment law is everchanging and we will bring you up to speed with your rights and obligations in the workplace, whether or not you are affiliated with a union. We can help by providing immediate, sound and straight forward advice about your workplace rights and, if required, ensure your rights are upheld.

We can help you with:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Workplace bullying and harassment
  • Breach of contract
  • Employer/Employee misconduct.

Mahony’s Employment Law Guide.

Employment Law in South Australia: Protecting Your Rights in the Workplace

At Mahony’s Lawyers, we understand the complexities of employment law and the importance of safeguarding your rights as an employee in South Australia. Whether you are facing workplace discrimination, unfair dismissal, contract disputes, or wage and hour issues, our experienced team of employment law specialists is here to provide you with expert advice and representation. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various facets of employment law in South Australia, covering key subtopics that are vital for both employees and employers to understand.

Employment Contracts and Agreements:

A well-drafted employment contract is the foundation of a fair and harmonious employment relationship. Our team can assist you in reviewing, negotiating, and drafting employment contracts, ensuring that your rights and interests are protected. Key aspects covered in employment contracts include:

  • Terms and conditions of employment, such as job responsibilities, working hours, and remuneration.
  • Employee rights and entitlements, including leave provisions, superannuation, and termination provisions.
  • Confidentiality and intellectual property rights.
  • Restraint of trade clauses, protecting legitimate business interests.
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms.

Unfair Dismissal and Termination:

Unfair dismissal can have a significant impact on an employee’s livelihood and well-being. Our team can guide you through the legal framework surrounding unfair dismissal in South Australia, assisting you in assessing the validity of your claim and seeking appropriate remedies. Key aspects of unfair dismissal laws include:

  • Valid reasons for termination and procedural fairness requirements.
  • Time limits for lodging unfair dismissal claims with the Fair Work Commission.
  • Compensation and reinstatement options for successful claims.
  • Defending against unfair dismissal claims as an employer.

Workplace Discrimination and Harassment:

Every employee deserves a safe and inclusive workplace free from discrimination and harassment. Our team is dedicated to fighting against all forms of workplace discrimination and can provide you with strong representation in pursuing your rights. Key aspects of workplace discrimination and harassment laws include:

  • Types of discrimination, including sex, age, race, disability, and sexual harassment.
  • Legal protections against discrimination and harassment under state and federal legislation.
  • Reporting mechanisms, including lodging complaints with the South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission or the Australian Human Rights Commission.
  • Remedies available, such as compensation, injunctions, and apologies.


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    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Are there time limits involved in lodging an application for unfair dismissal?

    If you feel you have been unfairly dismissed from your employment it is important you seek urgent legal advice as strict time limits apply.

    If you have grounds for unfair dismissal, an application must be lodged with the Fair Work Commission WITHIN 21 days of the date of dismissal.

    Get in touch with our team to discuss your options and ensure that your claim meets any required deadlines.